Who I was working with…

These are the ‘Nobles’… a long-term missionary couple and their two adopted Thai kids. One of the best parts of the whole trip was getting to know them, especialy their two boys!

Here’s a picture of our team, 6 girls and 1 guy (plus 2 extra guys from the Sattha football team in this photo)

Footballers from all over the world came together for a month into what is known as team ‘Sattha'(which means ‘faith’ in Thai). They tour Central Thailand every summer, going into different neighbourhoods playing the local teams and conducting football sessions with the kids. We met up with them a few times to help out!


Cycling through Ko Kret

Yesterday we cycled through an island called Ko Kret …


It was brilliant, that is until we realised we had lost track of time and needed to go back… At which point my chain decided to fall off! Fortunately some men were on hand to help out:

I think they loosened the chain rather than tighten it, because it then fell off repeatedly; over any little bump! As we were already late, I dumped the bike and jumped on a moped! (Don’t worry, the push-bike owners were fine about it)

During the island visit, a group of Thai girls started taking pictures of me… I copied their game!

More Chiang Mai…

More food!

More cats!

Typical street statues:

There was a special round where four fighters (two men and two boys) all blindfolded! They were walking around whacking the air, the ref and even getting into fights with the ring side!

A boxer who fought the night before, became our very own commentator for the night. He introduced us (me and Oz girl) to his mates who got us into the ringside area for free!

It’s a shame I had no camera for at least 2 full days (also missed pics/vids of church)… I bought a cheap camera to do me for now though!

Bamboo rafting!

Happy as!

Yesterday I met some really lovely people. Although many here speak decent English, knowing a little local language goes a long way…. Plus, like the girls in the picture I’m now kitted out in the traditional Thai gear.

Outside the largest jewellery store in the world!

I’ll tell you about an, interesting, guy I spent a good chunk of the day with. He drove me around to some cool places for free! Wait, who gets newt for newt these days? Of course it wasn’t free. Actually, he wanted me to marry his son. Although a devout Buddhist, he didn’t care that I was Christian, after all ‘Buddhism, Christian, it’s all the same!’ :/ Hmm. I tried the usual ‘I already have a boyfriend’ but his persistence remained.  Even ‘I have HIV’ didn’t work! In the end I told him I would not marry his son, but I would pay for petrol… Sure, he was happy as larry!

Below: Amazing artwork

I have realised that that the spice-o-meter is on a completely different scale here. I pointed to a curry and asked if it was spicy, the guy replied ‘a bit’. When I tried it, my face must have told a story as the staff came rushing over asking ‘are you OK?? Is it too spicy?’… Next time, I’ll be lining my mouth with wax!

To top the day off, I saw my first cat!